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Have you adopted a child?

Have you adopted a child?

Before You Say “I Do”: Alan Newcomb’s Marriage and Money Checklist

Memorial Day weekend often feels a little … jarring, at times. Burgers, pools, picnics — set against the solemn backdrop of remembrance for the sacrifice of so many thousands who have laid down their lives so we can have those freedoms. However, when you talk to veterans (as I get the chance to do in […]

Alan Newcomb on 5 MORE Bad Money Habits And How To Overcome Them (Part 2 of 2)

With all of the chaos that we are seeing bubble up around us, both in our nation and overseas, it can feel like everything is in flux. Please, though … if you’ve established for yourself a hedge against financial turmoil, let’s not have you ruin it. Last week, I posted an article which addressed these […]

Alan Newcomb Reveals 5 Ways We Avoid Keeping Better Money Habits

We spend a disproportionate amount of our time around the Team Newcomb offices dealing with government forms and websites. (Seriously though — can you or I get a gig as a web designer for the government? Those contracts run in the 7 figures … and the designs still look like something built using dial-up.) But […]

Newcomb’s 8 Essentials For Record Keeping

I get pretty excited about the spring. All around the country, the snow is gone, the trees don’t seem so desolate … and am I right that the angle of the sun is a bit less harsh? Or maybe it’s just because tax season has finished and I’m getting more sleep? Well, I hope you […]