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Have you adopted a child?

Have you adopted a child?

Newcomb’s 6 Ways to Climb Out of Your Credit Card Debt

So, last week I wrote you about your holiday spending, and making sure that you don’t find yourself caught up in all the merchandising and hooha — specifically of the retail variety. (Let’s ALL get caught up in the transcendent beauty of the season, shall we?) And it made me think about some clients that […]

Newcomb On How To Make The Most of Your Holiday Spending

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is THIS MONTH. The October Classic is in the books (congrats to the KC Royals), and parents everywhere are enjoying their parental “Candy Tax“. It feels like a seasonal page has truly been turned. And right around the corner will come the Christmas and other winter holidays. Stores are […]

How The Tax Code Makes Regular Centralia IL Taxpayers Angry

Many people think that preparing taxes for a living is a somewhat easy assignment. Bless their hearts. It’s NOT just “filling in the boxes” and having the spreadsheets or the software spit out the results. I WISH it were so simple. There’s three big reasons why it’s much harder than that — even for many […]

Alan Newcomb’s 11 Smart Ways To Reduce Your 2015 Tax Bill

Last week, we tied a bow around all of our client tax returns for 2015, i.e. for “tax year 2014”, as the extension deadline came and went. It feels good to turn the page and move into our intensive preparation season for tax season 2016. (And now I’m searching for a third metaphor for that […]