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Have you adopted a child?

Have you adopted a child?

A Critical 2015 Tax Planning Checkup for Centralia IL Taxpayers

We’re almost done with August (!), and the school season is already starting in many areas where we serve our clients. This summer has absolutely FLOWN by — and those of us who pay attention to politics are all probably eagerly looking forward to being done with the Presidential election cycle (which is still more […]

Alan Newcomb’s Three Tax Updates To Know Right Now

There is a bit of a flood of recent tax-related news that I’d normally dispense with in the opening remarks of my Note here … but it’s weighty enough (and possibly could affect you), that I wanted to take a little more time for explanation of each. But maybe the bigger news is this: NFL […]

Alan Newcomb on Why the DIY Ethic Can Hold Us Back

I hope you are doing well. I have some thoughts for you today that may be a little bit of a mental (or emotional) stretch. You see, when I write about financial principles in these Notes that I post, I do so recognizing that my clients come from a wide variety of different attitudes, circumstances […]

Alan Newcomb’s 4 Secret Financial Tips To Start Using Today

Meeting with clients for mid-year planning sessions the past few weeks has been wonderful. No — really! And yes, I know, I should get out more. The reason we enjoy doing this (especially this time of year), is seeing that look on our clients’ faces when we identify tweaks and quick moves which can bring […]

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