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Have you adopted a child?

Have you adopted a child?

Alan Newcomb’s 5 Quick Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

We’ve seen many parents in our offices these last few months, and we obviously go over tax returns, customized plans for saving more on taxes, as well as a variety of other strategies for handling their assets so that their children will, one day, be financially prepared. (We certainly wouldn’t want our children and their […]

Newcomb’s Simple, 4-Step Plan For Organizing Your Financial Records

The events in Charleston last week have left all of us — once again — searching for answers to what feels like a festering wound simmering under the surface of our culture. But the grace notes we have seen coming from the hearts and mouths of survivors and family members of the victims might, perhaps, […]

Alan Newcomb On What to Look For in an Executor of Estate

We work hard for our clients. Crafting elegant, tax-saving and easy-to-understand strategies to help you save on your taxes is a joy. And, of course, removing from our clients the annoying hassle of dealing closely with government paperwork, deadlines and personnel — while not exactly a “joy”, does also provide us with great satisfaction because […]

Alan Newcomb Offers Practical Tips For Your Estate Plan

First off (and this doesn’t necessarily affect all of our clients), just a quick reminder thatthe second quarter estimated taxes are due on June 15th. This is the quarter that always sneaks up on everyone, as it’s only two months after April 15th — so don’t get behind! Secondly, the summer is a perfect time […]